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January 2022

Trust and Decision Making

Trust & Online Purchase Decision making: How to build trust at each stage of Customer Journey?

For sensible companies, earning consumers’ trust online has always been a major concern, but in today’s more saturated marketplace, trust has become an even more valuable asset.

It’s critical that the customer journey promotes the brand’s strategic storey of trust and responsibility.

Consumers want vendors to behave appropriately when it comes to keeping their promises to them, and this is what trust is all about.
Consumers choose to transact online when they have confidence in the seller.

Copying Vs Inspiration

Copying Vs Inspiration: How to Copy as a Marketer?

As long as you follow some best practices, it’s okay to copy. And sure, there are many reasons you have to copy. The journey of almost every marketer begins with copying another marketing tactics. Over time, experience guides them to explore and discover their own style and voice.

Do writings triggers to take action

Do Content writing or Copywriting triggers Action? History proves it!

Piece of writings were the thing that helped create Freedom Fighters.

Piece of writings were the things which even created a community of like minded people i.e group of freedom fighters.

In fact piece of writings were the thing which triggered people or group of people to take an action.

Content Writing and Copy writings has been there for a very long time.

Let’s understand all this in the context of the pre-Independence British Era in India.