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7 skills that a successful independent social media manager should have: The Ultimate Guide

7 skills that a successful independent social media manager should have The Ultimate Guide

This is the perfect time to contemplate working for yourself if you’ve ever thought about it. In truth, working as a freelance social media manager may be not only a wise professional choice but also rather gratifying and enjoyable.

Of course, you should be familiar with social media platforms and ideally have previous account management experience, but it goes further than that.

In a field where the environment is continuously changing, the greatest social media managers must be flexible and creative. Along with collaboration and communication skills, some creativity is also necessary.

What is a freelance social media manager?

Your inquiries concerning “what is freelancing” and, more specifically, what a freelance social media manager does, have answers.

Freelance social media managers are usually tasked with creating and implementing social media strategies for a range of clients. Unlike salaried social media managers who normally manage the social channels for just one firm, freelancers can be taken on for contract work while campaigns are running and typically work with a few different businesses at any given time.

Now, if you are wondering what the skills required to be a successful Social Media manager.

Here you go.

You need the following seven abilities to succeed as a freelance social media manager.

1. Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the important skill a social media manger should have.

Copywriting is crucial since controlling social media necessitates creating several captions. Independent social media managers should be skilled in writing and editing since the most successful social media postings are succinct, snappy, and amusing.

Due to the fact that the criteria for freelancing projects are occasionally higher than those of a conventional employment, clients want freelancers to provide work that is free of spelling and grammar mistakes. You could pay an editor to double-check your work as a freelancer before sending it to clients.

You can surely take a lot of Inspiration to get started with Copywriting. But do not try to Copy things as is. Do try to understand the difference between Copying and Inspiration and How to Copy as a Marketer?

2. Photography and designing

Photography and Designing is one of the important skill a social media manger should have.

The task of gathering and creating content for clients will typically fall to a freelancer social media professional. When it comes to this, having design and photography skills may be helpful.

Apps like Canva make design exceedingly simple even if you’re not an expert in Photoshop with templates built specifically for social media postings.

Without a Doubt, CANVA PRO ACCOUNT for Static Creatives and Renderforest for all types of Videos, mockups, and more will be a great support to start your designing journey flawlessly.

3. Flexibility

As a freelancer working in social media, you must take on a range of jobs.

You might need to go above and beyond your typical social media duties if you work with clients that are small businesses with limited resources. A client could ask you for extra efforts in their peak season. They would want your availability on understanding shoots like BTS, Colors, randing, etc.

Just being available is the Tip for you.

4. Community management

Community Management is one of the important skill a social media manger should have.

Many businesses utilize social media freelancers to outsource the most time-consuming aspects of social media, such as community management.

Community management involves a variety of activities, including checking email inboxes, replying to direct messages, participating in mentions and post comments, interacting with other users, and moderating debates.

Effective community management calls for adhering to the brand’s tone of voice guidelines, being prepared and thorough (to guarantee that no customer service issues are missed), and interacting with the community in honest ways.

5. Analysis and reporting

Analysis and Reporting is one of the important skill a social media manger should have.

Freelancers usually need to work alone to do research and report on the client’s social media channels. A monthly report (here’s a free template) should be used to summarise the effectiveness of their efforts, including audience growth, engagement rates, reach, and direct sales/conversions, if applicable.

6. Presentation & sales

Freelancers frequently need to produce a pitch or proposal for each possible client and sell it effectively in order to land the task at the desired cost (more on setting rates below).

Finding new clients is one of the biggest mental obstacles of being a freelancer because clients might cancel contracts at any time. As you practice more, you’ll become more skilled at marketing your services (and establish your own template and style).

7. Management of client relationships

The most crucial business component for a freelance social media manager is creating and maintaining client relationships.

Freelancers must follow the client’s decisions about finances, campaign messaging, visual assets, and other matters because they are always responsible to the client (which can be frustrating).

That does not, however, mean that independent social media managers should avoid criticizing certain methods and strategies. After all, independent social media managers charge clients for their expertise.


If you read this blog with the intention of getting better, it is a start in the right way. You may become a more effective social media manager and more valuable addition to your company by making even the slightest changes to the aforementioned qualities.

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