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Complete Guide to Anonymous Web Browsing : How to Maintain Privacy, Anonymity, and Security.

Complete guide to Anonymous web browsing: How to throw the online trackers, profilers, and snoopers off your trail.

Why you need internet privacy and security 

There is no doubt that the internet is an amazing tool, which provides many benefits, but we forget that the internet also presents a number of risks to your privacy and security.

This blog is about how to manage risks, you will learn how to protect yourself and from a range of people and businesses that may have malicious intent and they could care less about your privacy for their own benefit or profit.

Overall the internet is becoming less private and less secure too. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to be anonymous online therefore it is important for you to know the risk and to know what is needed to face and counter the risk.

How to throw online trackers profilers and snoopers off your trail

To understand how to throw trackers profilers and trackers off your trail first you need to know how they track and profile you in the first place this means knowing about IP address

What is an Ip address 

An IP address is a numerical label attached to every device on the internet at any one time IP addresses are set of four numbers separated by dots for example 


An IP address is attached to your web page, your email, your downloads, your social, media posts, and everything you do online 

A layperson with widely available tools online might be able to trace you down by IP address in fact, the basic business model of trackers, profilers, and even big businesses with huge amounts of money at their disposal rely on being able to follow you by IP address 

Hackers snoopers and advertisers can also take advantage by targeting and launching attacks specifically aimed at your IP address looking for different ways to get access to your device and personal information

Tip: to see your IP address at any time visit

Whenever you visit a webpage a certain amount of information is automatically sent from your web browser to the website you visit. This information usually includes your IP address the type of web browser you use your geographic location webpages you previously visited how long you stayed on the page your device’s operating system and more

This list of information may be enough to start building a profile on you.

Once someone has your IP address it can be cross-referenced with other data to determine the website you visit, email address, social media habits, etc. In other words, a comprehensive profile starts to be formed in no time.

Therefore One of the most fundamental ways to protect yourself from all this potential tracking and profiling is to hide your IP address when you browse the web.

How to browse the web anonymously using a VPN

What is a VPN 

A VPN is a kind of super proxy hiding your true IP address and encrypting your entire internet connection.

A VPN creates a tunnel of secure data between your device and the VPN provider’s server which means all of your internet activities including web browsing social media activities file sharing as well as chatting and messaging are sent through a secure encrypted tunnel preventing monitoring and surveillance.

Anyone snooping on your internet connection whether it is your internet service provider or an attacker will only see undeciphered encrypted data. This also makes VPN service a complete solution to the risks faced when using a wifi hotspot, or public wireless internet access point.

Most VPNs nowadays are easy to install and use depending on the VPN you choose which you then simply enable with a single click whenever you want to be anonymous online.

How a VPN works  

When you visit a web page or make an internet connection supported by a VPN the request is first routed to the VPN server and then to your device therefore it is the VPN IP address that is visible your own IP address is kept hidden by the VPN acting as a proxy which means all of the details which can be obtained from IP address like your geographic location, the pages you previously visited, how long you stayed you stayed on the page, the site where you came from, the operating system, the web browser you use and many are kept safe and hidden from trackers hackers and snoopers

A Good VPN acts like another line of firewall-type defense for the devices you use with it.

How to choose the best VPN for your device 

Relying on a third party including a VPN service provider to act as a shield and protect your internet activities require a high degree of trust you should use a reliable and time trusted service, but it is not easy to determine 

Following are some factors for you to consider 

Cost: the price is an obvious factor in making your choice and a very personal one, however many of the services are similarly priced usually between 150 to 250 rs per month depending on the length of subscription you choose, these VPN services sometimes have limited time promotions and usually offer discounts for long time subscriptions so be sure to keep an eye for deals.

Exit gateway locations: VPN service provider allows you to choose the location of the exit gateway you use, these are the countries in which the service’s proxy servers are located, this gives you control over which country the IP address your internet traffic appears to be coming from, so if you want to watch content which is available in UK and you live or are traveling outside Uk you can choose your VPN exit gateway would enable you to watch the content.

Anyone snooping on your internet traffic will think you are based in the location of the exit gateway, instead of your actual location 

Generally speaking, you want the VPN that has an exit gateway in different locations, the more the better 

Advanced Feature:

Other features offered by VPN service may include allowing you to automatically select the fastest exit gateway at any time 

A Kill switch: it is a feature that disables your internet connection when your VPN automatically disconnects the kill switch will ensure your true IP address is not compromised due to any technical error.

DNS leak protection: A good VPN should ensure that some connections which your device makes on the internet at a very low technical level are also routed through the VPN ensuring the maximum level of privacy and security possible

Customer support: A good VPN should be backed by responsive 24/7 customer support staffed by actual human beings no endless death loops of reading the generic faq

Recommended VPN services  

Not all VPNs are equal, some perform incredibly well and deserve a place among your privacy tools arsenal. remember that you can use a VPN for a number of internet activities starting from web browsing, social media chat and file sharing carefully look for the features of any VPN service as you may be able to get more bang for your buck

Factors that are most important for choosing a VPN service 

Usability: easy installation, setup, and day-to-day use 

Breadth: a wide network of servers 

Reliability: minimum downtime and connection drops 

Speed: fast downloading 

Privacy: customer protection against  

Best choice for privacy anonymity and security

I have used surfshark VPN for a number of years and have only praise for them. Surfshark gets very high marks on the five factors that I have listed above. 

  • Established in 2018. Surfshark has proved its longevity. surfshark is very easy to use and is backed by 24/7 expert support
  • Surfshark offers over 3200+ servers in over 95 countries 
  • Surfshark has servers which are solely dedicated for streaming content, which ensures that even high-definition videos you watch with VPN enabled will be smooth and fast
  •  Surf shark offers great value as it lets you connect to their service with unlimited devices so you can protect your desktop computer, laptop, tablets, smartphones, and many more devices with a single account.
  • Most importantly surf shark is backed by good responsive customer support staffed by actual humans no endless death loop of reading generic FAQs
  • Surfshark blocks ads and malware before they can load 
  • Surf shark is available on chrome, firefox, ios,macOS, Android, Linux, first edge 

Surf shark is a full-fledged VPN that protects your entire internet connection

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