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Do you write a good research blog and wait for traffic?

“How come no one reads my blog on my company’s website?”

It’s 2022, the competition is all around you.

The saying “build it and they will come” is no longer true.

I believe it’s because no one visits your website to read your blogs (unless you’re in the publishing industry). Even if people are interested in your website’s blog entries, you’re probably not informing them that you have one.

Each platform has a wide base of traffic and users having different search Intents.

Just guess the variety and amount of traffic and attraction you are losing if you are not repurposing your Content for these platforms.

Today more than before, your online presence should be diversified with the use of these available Platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Medium, and more.

Why Should You Repurpose Your Content?

Repurposing content does not have to mean repeating information. It turns one long-form piece of information into another extremely helpful piece of content.

Here are some of the reasons why you should:

  • Because there are four types of learners, writing just blog posts suggests that you are not communicating with the three other (non-text) types of learners.
  • Different materials perform better on different platforms. Your LinkedIn article is unlikely to be as successful on Facebook, but a live video may be excellent.
  • You worked quite hard. Repurposing allows you to squeeze every last drop of usefulness out of your efforts.
  • Increase your ranking for keywords in your industry. The more content you publish on an important problem in your industry, the more probable it is that you will be recognized as an influencer, which will lead to more links and a better position.

While the only challenge of repurposing your Content is that “Repurposing is not fast”.

You’ll still need to put in time and effort to create the best possible content for your other channels. You can’t just take something from one place and use it in another. It must be rewritten to be appropriate for the platform and audience.

It is, however, speedier since you may skip the time-consuming research stage, which can take hours, if not days.

Tools like Canva, Renderforest, invideo for Graphics & Videos, and tools like Ai Copy, Frase, Scalenut, Rytr, writesonic for Content generation prove helpful to gear up the Process.

Turn 1 blog post into 11 pieces of content for different Platforms: Repurpose Content and Boost Website Traffic

Here is my way of doing it.

It all starts with writing a blog. Once I have published my Blog on the website, Yes, I do look for traffic but I do repurpose my content and spread it across multiple platforms to bring more traffic and visibility.

Are you ready to give it a shot? Here’s how you take an existing blog article and transform it into eleven pieces of dynamite content.

1. Post Blogs on Medium

 Post your blogs with links or with lead magnets redirecting to my website. 

What good is fantastic content if no one reads it?

One of Medium’s most significant advantages: it already has a following! Through the platform, every writer gets access to millions of monthly readers. You have a unique opportunity to convert some of the site’s visitors into your target demographic.

When you consistently publish high-quality content on Medium, people and publications take note.

More hearts = more love = more views.

2. Create an Email

Less than 70% of users who leave a website never come back. You, as the website owner, must encourage repeat visits.

Your email list, which is one of your company’s most valuable resources, is one of the best methods to stay in touch with your readers.

The probability that new email list subscribers will open your emails and return to your website is increased since they have previously verified their identities and are enthused about your services.

Sharing your most recent blog entries with them is among the greatest approaches to do this. By encouraging people to read your fresh material if your blog articles are rich in worth, you’re assisting them in succeeding.

If you have not yet started creating Emails. Start emailing using this ultimate free software

3. Post on your LinkedIn

 780 million individuals use LinkedIn to search for information. If you post something on LinkedIn, it can be seen by all of your followers.

Even if someone manages to locate your blog on your website, they won’t share it. On LinkedIn, though, people will since it is visible in the stream and simple to interact with. Who do you believe will post a website comment? Not many, but those who do will do it on LinkedIn since it improves their personal branding as well.

4. Checklist

Would your blog post make a useful checklist that others may download? If so, create one so that your viewers will have a course of action to take after reading your thoughts.

Due to their condensed nature and ease of consumption, the majority of audiences value utilizing these checklists.

If you have an active group audience, you can share this checklist along with the link to the Blog post.

5. Post a blog on your Quora Space.

Knowledge may be found and shared on quora. It serves as a forum for queries and connections with contributors of original views and excellent responses. This encourages individuals to share knowledge and broaden their understanding of the world.

Does it not have the same primary goal for which you started Blogging- to educate and share information in a niche and showcase your expertise?

You attract readers or viewers for your content. So long as it adheres to the theme of your place, you are permitted to share and upload content there. Your post may receive some upvotes if the community is well-followed and some of its members like what you said.

A Quora area is like a Facebook group. There are more people with similar views.

6. Answering questions on Quora

It is a question-and-answer website.

It is a platform where users of Quora may ask any question (that hasn’t been asked yet), and users can respond to such questions.

All that is required of you is to;

  • Look up the questions that interest you.
  • Concentrate on the most recent questions.
  • Answer a question that has at least 500 followers if you wish to boost your view.
  • Additionally, you may respond to popular questions.

You must now answer questions related to the blog you have previously published. You may use a portion of the blog article and adapt it to the questions that are popular in that particular niche.

Some Tips are:-

  • Be careful to establish a connection with your target audience.
  • Make sure your responses to questions are appropriate.
  • Set up a connection.
  • As a provider of solutions, gaining confidence is important.
  • Do not rush the process.

7. Create a Twitter Post

As Twitter has character limitations, do some smart Copywriting in context with your blog post. You can take the help of some Ai Tools like Ai Copy, Frase, Scalenut, Rytr, writesonic, etc.

8. Create a Facebook and Instagram Post 

We all are quite aware and used to this platform and literally, the world is here. You can choose to be more creative here visually and share a piece of content with the Audience here.

You can turn your blog post into a static post, Graphics, short videos, infographics, or anything that will attract the audience’s attention.

Tip:- Use Tools like Canva, Renderforest, and Invideo which will save you a lot of time and money.

9. Create Pins on Pinterest

One of the few networks that make it easy to drive traffic is Pinterest. as it is not only a social network. On this social network and search engine, users may look up and save photos. Users may easily discover new websites on Pinterest because they want to.

Therefore, I strongly advise that you concentrate on Pinterest if you want to increase traffic in 2022.

The ranking is simpler. Because Pinterest’s algorithm is less complicated than Google’s, it is simpler and quicker to rank for popular keywords.

High-income consumers make up the target market. According to Statista, 27% of persons who use Pinterest make between $30,000 and $74,999 annually, while 41% make above $75,000.

Tip:- Use Tools like Canva, Renderforest, and Invideo which will save you a lot of time and money.

10. Post on YouTube

Nothing more powerful than a Video. As this has both audio and visual connection, human connects with it the most.

The challenging part is it’s quite a time taking and costlier.

In spite of the limitation, this is highly recommended.

YouTube is the second-most viewed website on the planet.

Some of your visitors will read the 1,500 words of content. Some others might choose to view a two-minute video on the same topic.

If you only provide written content at this point, you could be missing out on your audience’s preference for video content. The good news is that if you already employ content marketing, you don’t have to start from zero. You may turn your existing blog posts into YouTube videos to create a completely new set of marketing resources.

Another potential source of additional revenue is YouTube.

tip:- Tools like Canva, Renderforest, and Invideo can help you with creating professional videos hassle-free.

11. Create a Podcast

Many bloggers and influencers now produce audio versions of their written content. Simply said, podcasts should be created from articles since consumers listen to content online more often than they read it. In order to increase traffic engagement, you should start podcasting your blogs and repurposing your content.

Podcasts may help you with content generation in a number of ways.

  • Audio podcasts are easy to grasp.
  • Listening to podcasts allows users to work, drive, cook, and engage in other activities.
  • A more customized experience.
  • The automated method of communication.
  • a portable way to use manuals and other resources.

Your blog post content may also be reused and distributed in the following ways: Use your blog post as part of a whitepaper.

  • Create a webinar for it.
  • Use it for the “stories” sections of social media.
  • Three months, six months, and a year later, repost the blog entry to your social media accounts.

And other creative ways.

Try doing this consistently and you will see the graph of visitors steeping high into our website.

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