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How to increase WordPress website speed in just 30 seconds?

Are you looking to increase your website speed? You’re not alone. Given that webpage load time is an important factor that impacts everything from SEO and Google rankings to overall user experience and traffic, it’s every responsible website owner’s main concern.

In this blog, I am going to share with you a simple tool that allows you to increase the speed of your WordPress website. And get you a speed score of 90+ in no time  We’ll also discuss in detail why it is important to increase your website load time and enhance its performance

What is website speed?

Your website speed referred to as “website performance,” is the average amount of time taken for the content of your web pages to be displayed on the screen of the browser requesting access.

Why is increasing website speed important?

But let’s first understand why working to speed up your WP site is so crucial in the first place. 

Well, it’s no secret that if you want your site to appear on the first page of google, you need to understand its ranking factors.

It’s been sometime now that the world’s leading search engine, Google, has declared speed one of its top 10 ranking factors.

1. Website speed affects bounce rate

According to research, the human attention span has dropped in the last 20 years. This means that you as a website owner have very little time to showcase your content and convince visitors to stay and convert. 

In fact, even a one-second delay in website load time may lead to an 11% drop in page views, a 16% drop in customer satisfaction, and a 7% drop in conversions.

Moreover, site speed is a deciding factor in your website’s bounce rate, that is the number of visitors who have visited a page on your site and then left, instead of viewing another page. Stats show that pages that load within two seconds have an average bounce rate of 9%, while pages that take five seconds to load have a bounce rate of 38%

so, if you want to retain visitors, present your content, and achieve a low bounce rate for your website, you better make sure you’ve done everything in your power to lower load time.

2. Site speed affects rankings

You must know that 93 percent of all web traffic is a result of search engine findings. And probably you use Google to browse the internet, but how often do you get to the second page of search results? I guess never.

According to 2014 research, 67% of all search engine result page clicks go to the top five listings. This means that moving up in search engine rankings should be a top priority for any site owner who’s looking to increase traffic.

website speed has a huge effect on search engine rankings. Data by Alexa has shown that pages on fast-loading websites rank significantly higher than pages on slow-loading websites.

3. Site speed is a Google ranking signal

As you already know, Google is the most popular search engine accounting for more than 69% of all search engine inquiries. That’s why website speed has been a part of the Google ranking algorithm since 2010 should be yet another reason why you should speed up your site. As a result, you’ll see your website climbing to the top of the Google search engine result page in no time.

4. Higher site speed makes your website more mobile-friendly

The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized people’s browsing habits. In the last year, just over 52% of web browsing worldwide was through mobile phones and that number is expected to increase further. And sure, smartphones keep getting better, with more memory and more powerful processors, but they are still a lot worse than PCs. On top of that, internet access on mobile phones is still not as fast as on landlines and so accelerating your site as much as possible is the best way to prepare for the mobile-dominated future.

How to check your WordPress website speed?

There are many free online tools for checking website speed and performance. This is how they work: you just enter your website’s URL, click the “Analyze” button or something similar, and get the results of the test. 

Checking your WP website’s speed regularly with the same tool gives you an objective metric for assessing how successful your efforts to accelerate your site and improve its performance really are. 

Google page speed insights are the most prominent tools for checking speed!

This is a go-to tool for making sense of which particular parts of your website need improvement and how to achieve that. 

Back in the day, PageSpeed Insights didn’t show your website’s load time, it assessed your website’s mobile and desktop versions and gave them both a score between zero and one hundred. 

 The tool’s newer version has kept the old features but it also says just how fast your site loads. Additionally, you get a list of recommendations you should follow if you want to optimize your website’s performance and lower load time.

A PageSpeed score of 90+ means that your site is just about as fast as it can be.

How to speed your WordPress website step by step process?

10 web booster The ultimate solution that automatically gives you:

A 90+ PageSpeed score

Improved Core Web Vitals

Image optimization

Full website caching

Optimized backend

Auto optimization of images

Custom optimization rules

Higher search engine rankings

Up to 7% boost in conversions

Up to 40% boost in visitor engagement

Up to 53% mobile traffic engagement boost

10Web Booster automatically optimizes the frontend speed of any WordPress site, bumping it up to the 1% of the world’s fastest-loading websites that pass Core Web Vitals assessments.

No manual action is required from your side – technical parts is covered  automatically

Follow the steps below to install 10Web Booster Plugin to your website

STEP 1:-Sign up and register to 10web booster then 


Step 2:- Log in to your WordPress administrator panel.


STEP 3:- Select the Plugins page from the toolbar menu, and click Add New.

STEP 4:- Search for 10Web Booster in the right-top search bar 

STEP 5:- Install 10web booster and activate it done 



The speed of your website is one very decisive factor when it comes to the success of your website. Slow speed is also bad SEO practice and, as Google has confessed, it directly reduces your search ranking.

How to increase website speed?