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What makes a website successful: tips to create a great website

Tips for creating a great Website

Fun Fact: Fun fact: There are currently over 1.5 billion websites on the internet. And, Less than 200 million of these are active.

With so many websites, it can be hard – almost impossible – to stand out

So the question here is what makes a website stand out or

“What makes your website successful?” is a better question.

To put this in a simple way a great website inspires the visitor to take action. That’s success, right?

A great website should excel in form and function,it should have a clear purpose

It is only possible when you know what you want its visitors to do

And the one and only strategy for optimizing it is to constantly work at it in a measured effort to get more visitors to take the action you deem important.

If you are looking to build a new startup website or make your current site more effective, then you are in luck because in this post we are going to present you a generous list of things you can do to create a great website and increase its success

  1. Understand a website’s goal

Every business website is different and every one of them serves a purpose,it need to accomplish a goal for your business

For example let’s say you need to sell a product, generate leads, get newsletter subscriptions or take donations. Whatever your goal may be, you need to build your website around that particular goal, your goal should inform every design and content decision you make.

Strategy comes before execution, you need to focus on the following 5 focal point of website;

  • Visibility – to attract visitors to your website 
  • Usability – to deliver a positive experience
  • Credibility – to gain visitors trust
  • Sellability – to achieve specific outcomes
  • Scalability – to accommodate ongoing expansion

2.  Forge a plan

Start by asking yourself, What is the main purpose of the website?

Who is it for? 

Great design begins with a goal in mind.

Document a plan that defines a target audience and specific objective.

3. Build a solid foundation

Build a foundation for your website.

You own and control by purchasing a domain, housing it on a reliable hosting platform using a cms that enables you to publish easily and scale

4. Maintain your brand

Your logo tagline, colour scheme, fonts designs, imagery voice and overall customer experience all factors into how your brand is perceived

Define the elements that comprise your brand and apply it across your website

5. Make it fast

The page of your website should load within seconds, slow page will chase visitors away and negatively impact your search engine ranking

6. Make it Intuitive

A great website enables visitors to quickly satisfy their needs with intuitive navigation, smart messaging, hierarchies onsite search and call to action 

Following are the factors which constitute for great website 

76%website make it easy for me to find what i want

10%constitute to beautiful appearance

9% constitute towards, website offers a cutting edge interactive experience

5% other factors

7 . Map it

Make your header and footer an effective gps system for users.

The header should feature the most important section of the site.

The footer is frequently used to direct visitors to contact methods, social media, popular pages, and resources.

8. Be clear

Confusion’s a killer. Use descriptive headlines that clearly communicate the value proposition.resist the temptation to put cleverness before clearity.

9 . Be clean

Cluter’s a killer too. It’s critical to serve cleanly designed uncrowded pages that deliberately guide the visitor’s eye path

10. Be thorough 

Great websites deliver answers thoroughly and immediately in context with the  buyer’s journey.

If you have just started or in the process of revamping your website, understanding and following these tips are going to help you in a wider scenario.

We are sure, if you have read this article, you are pretty much in a stage where you are looking for more information regarding digital marketing. Read this Article on Digital Marketing which will give you an  Overview and will help you get started with Digital Marketing.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our website and Digital Marketing professionals to discuss your Marketing or Website designing plan.

We can assist you in identifying opportunities to combine paid and organic marketing to improve your consumer experience across your website and, ultimately, maximise your marketing ROI.

Let us know in the comments below if this article has provided value to you or your business.

Thank you for reading!

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