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The reality of handling social media as a freelancer requires juggling five, six, ten, or more hats at once. You must come up with unique and engaging ideas for posts and community events, track performance, and remain up to date on business and industry news. The following tips can help you manage social media while keeping your sanity.

1. Effective time management

Determine how much time you will need to dedicate to each project each day or each week. Think about how many social media platforms each company you work with utilizes, how often you publish, how long it typically takes to write a post, and how diverse the content will be. Without cross-platform news updates, for instance, do you upload the same content to every site or do you need to think of a fresh topic for each post?

Because they are paid primarily on results, freelancers sometimes forget that communicating with clients, going to meetings, paying clients, and doing other management tasks all count as labour hours.

2. Help yourself get paid

Unfortunately, a common issue for independent contractors is not receiving consistent and timely payments. Always be sure you get potential customers to sign written contracts that spell out your desired payment terms and the penalties for late payments. A 30-day payment cycle is the norm.

Consider using invoicing software, which will allow you to send invoices that are professional and have obvious due dates (some even offer automated reminders for payments) (some also have automatic payment reminders). Some software also provides contract templates.

One other piece of advice: ask for 50% payment up front and the remaining amount after completing one-time assignments with fixed budgets. This ensures that you will be paid for your time even if a client changes their mind mid-project.

3. Always keep your resume up to date.

In most cases, clients also want a resume in addition to a portfolio. Update your bullet points with your most recent employment and rewrite them to highlight the skills and services you’ll be offering to clients. Use one of our free social media manager resume templates to get started.

4.Utilize social media management tools to save time.

You’ll need to juggle maintaining social media as a freelance social media manager while also sending bills, creating proposals, and communicating with clients.

A social media management software like Hootsuite may help you save time and stress by allowing you to schedule posts, generate analytics data, and reply to comments and direct messages all from one dashboard.

5.Keep in contact with your customers

As a freelance social media manager, it is your responsibility to effectively communicate with your clients. If there are any delays, be on time and truthful.

The best freelance advice I’ve ever received is to offer less than what the client expects and deliver more than expected.

6. Recognize tax laws and company needs.

As a new freelancer, attending a class conducted by an accountant with experience in these businesses was the best thing I ever did. She provided instructions on how to start a freelance business, manage finances, choose which expenses to write off, and plan a tax filing strategy.

Using accounting software like Wave, Quickbooks may assist with expenditures and invoices. Another issue you should discuss with an accountant is if you need to file for a tax number, which will affect how much you charge clients.

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You are ultimately in charge of your own productivity and physical well-being. Set aside time and plans for relaxation, rejuvenation, time to reflect and simply exist.

My favourite tip for productivity is listening to relaxing sound. Sharing one of my favourite here. Hope it helps you too.