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How To Go Viral Everytime?


#Catchy Hooks

The first impression of your content is the most major element you must work on.

It is essential to have a suitable hook that will captivate and entice your audience to view your content.

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I can,t believe what I just discovered!

Everything you knew about _____ is 100% wrong

You need this product in your life!

Here are ____ tips to get rid of _____

I just found the perfect product that helps with___

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Come with me to do ___

Did You know that ____?

You don’t want to miss this!

Follow this step-by-step process to successfully __

Don’t Scroll

This may be Controversial but _____

Instead of Buying this, buy this___

If you want_____, avoid doing this!

____ type of people stop scrolling!

Here is a simple hack to help  you do__

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Do you have problem with ___ Well, I just found the perfect solution!

This is the story of __

What would you do if ___?

Why does no one talk about this?

This ___ will blow your mind!

I discovered the secret to __

This is a reminder to do ___

If you’re doing this, you’re making a huge mistake!

Try this one hack to get____

The BEST ___ I’ve ever used!

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You need to stop doing this!

If you want to do ___, you need to do this!

Here are three signs that you should ____

Don’t believe this ____ myth!

This free tool is a game changer!

You need this free tool for ___

I tried every ___ so you don’t have to!

Other ___ are lying to you!

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This one simple mistake would be costing you ___

Here’s how I achieved ___ in only __(Quantity) __months/years!